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Meghan Markle Gets a Tattoo! Sort Of!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made one of their final international stops before settling down for parenthood in the very near future.

On Sunday, the Royal Couple traveled to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to visit a boarding school for girls.

And, during the trip, the polarizing Duchess of Sussex received a special henna tattoo to mark her seven months of pregnancy.

(Yes, seven months! Can you believe it? The baby really is coming soon, folks!)

The expecting couple kept very close to each other during their visit, holding hands and sharing a multitude of sweet moments during their busy engagement.

At one point, Meghan gently rested her head on Harry’s shoulder and he flashed a big smile.

At another point, she proudly showed off her temporary new ink, as you can see here:

The tattoo has been making headlines across the Internet today, as it extends from Meghan’s wrist all the way up her pointer finger.

From our brief research, it doesn’t appear that the tattoo design is of anything in particular, but simply having it penned on to her skin was a welcoming gesture on Markle’ss part.

It showed how accepting she is of other cultures.

Neither Markle – who was recently celebrated by her close famous friends in New York – nor Harry spoke to the press during this outing, but details have been made public nonetheless.


In addition to taking part in the aforementioned Henna ceremony, the superstars visited the Education for All Boarding House in the Atlas Mountains.

This boarding house allows girls from rural areas to reside closer to their school, thereby helping to further and accelerate their education.

According to the organization’s website, up to 83 percent of women in Morocco are illiterate. It’s a very serious issue.

Moreover, many have limited access to secondary schools and/or can’t afford transport to school.

Markle and Harry made a point to visit with the students here and to impart as much wisdom as they could. 

But that wasn’t all.

In addition, the gorgeous Highnesses went to the Lycée Collegial Le Grand Atlas, where they observed students practicing English.

The duo also spoke to a few of the teachers and watched students partake in a soccer game.

Pretty great all around, huh?

Perhaps we ought to focus more on these sort of humanitarian efforts… instead of one Markle’s awful and very selfish family.

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