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New Attack on Titan Manga One-Shot to Focus On Levi’s Past

Attack on Titan is arriving at its biggest milestone after a decade. Hajime Isayama’s magnum opus is finally concluding in November 2023, and all the eyes are anticipating the finale. However, from the first look at Attack on Titan’s upcoming one-shot manga, it appears Levi Ackerman has gotten some extra attention.

With the finale knocking on our door, Attack on Titan is already preparing for a special release in April 2024. The mangaka of the series, Hajime Isayama, will be releasing a new book titled Attack on Titan – Fly. It will feature a plethora of never-seen-before artwork. From the storyboards of the manga, it seems this new one-shot is all about Levi.

Attack on Titan manga one-shot: Everything you need to know

Image Credit: MAPPA Studios

Fans can see some draft pages below in the tweet as they focus more on Levi. It’s difficult to determine the entire predicament since these are rough sketched drafts. Still, we can see Levi’s kid form in the pages.

These pages portray Levi with his mom at some point, and most panels cover him alone. Some moments capture Levi surrounded by adults with a contorted expression of pain. One can trace the challenging situations of the Underground through this manga. Fans are already aware of how Levi’s backstory unfolds to some extent. His mother passes away, and Kenny Ackerman takes in Levi, and their bond is nothing short of toxic. Hopefully, this one-shot will feature plenty of all-new info about Levi’s past, even if it is somewhat angsty.

The one-shot only has plans on releasing in the next sprint, which implies that Attack on Titan fans have some time on their hands to speculate. The anime finale is scheduled to air on November 3, 2023, and fans will be able to catch an 85-minute special episode.



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