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Rainbow Six Siege: Australian Map Details & Operator Loadouts

Early leaks from months ago, followed by some official but vague details shared by Ubisoft last week confirmed that Year Four Season One of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is taking players to Australia with the one and only new map of 2019. Titled “Outback“, the new map coming with Operation Burnt Horizon is set at a remote pit stop and introduces a pair of new operators from the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

During the Six Invitational tournament this weekend, Ubisoft used the event – as they do quarterly with every season – to detail the new map, the new playable characters Gridlock and Mozzie, and a bunch of exciting improvements and features coming to Rainbow Six Siege throughout Year 4.


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Interestingly, one thing all the reports and leaks didn’t have right is who’s named who. The Gridlock and Mozzie names were reversed, but we’ll explain below, along with details on their role-reversing unique gear, weapons, the new map, and plenty of art and screenshots.

Operation Burnt Horizon’s New Australian Attacker – Gridlock  (“The queen of spikes”)

Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1 Heroic Gridlock Art

  • Gridlock’s Gadget: “Trax Stingers”

Throw them like a grenade and it deploys many damaging spike traps. This device forces roaming defenders to destroy them, take a lot of damage, or take another path. Either way it creates plenty of noise to warn attackers or blocks that path. Jaeger’s ADS System cannot stop them either when thrown. Defenders however, can hinder the full deployment of the traps by shooting the stinger before it drops all the spikes, similar to how defenders can shoot Fuze’s charges before they lob a full set of bouncing grenades into a room.


  • Primary Weapons: F90 Assault Rifle or M249 LMG
  • Sidearm: Super shorty shotgun

Operation Burnt Horizon’s New Australian Defender – Mozzie (“Mr. steel yo drone”)

  • Mozzie’s Gadget: “Pest Launcher”

The Pest Launcher can capture up to two drones, including Twitch drones, giving control of them to the defending team. Mozzie players can fire a Pest directly onto an attacking drone or deploy them as traps which can ambush any drone driving by. Drone users however are warned when approaching a deployed Pest with a large red indicator on their screen.

Once captured, Mozzie can use the drones as his own, and his teammates can use them like any other camera, giving defenders a whole lot of potential extra intel. Players can even drive the drones outside, but only for a few seconds before it’s lost entirely (even to the original drone owner). Captured drones are identified by having blue lights instead of red lights.


  • Primary Weapons: P10 Roni Automatic Pistol or Commando 9 Assault Rifle
  • Sidearm: Super shorty shotgun

Operation Burnt Horizon’s New Australian Map – Outback

Outback is an L-shaped map that’s comprised of three connected buildings, all color-coded, and full of unique landmarks for player callouts (like a hanging shark)

  • Garage (Blue)
  • Restaurant (Green)
  • Motel (Yellow)

Page 2 of 2: Operation Burnt Horizon Screenshots – Gridlock & Mozzie’s Weapons & Gear

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