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Sam Feher Shares Hurtful Moment in Kory Keefer Relationship

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Is Samantha “Sam” Feher back in the dating game after splitting from her ex-boyfriend Kory Keefer at the end of last year?

During a couple of recent podcast appearances, the Summer House cast member, 26, offered an update on her dating life, shared if she’s using dating apps, her new life focus, and reacted to Kory, 33, shading her in a confessional for Winter House season three — just before getting into bed with her.

“Dating apps are bleak these days. I re-downloaded them and it took me all of two or three days to just delete them off my phone again. They’re miserable,” Sam admitted on the January 29 episode of The Storytellers podcast with Ali Stagnitta, via The Daily Dish. “The app thing is so different than it was during the pandemic.”

Although it’s been just weeks since Sam and Kory confirmed their breakup, Sam said she’s been quick to move on from their romance because her grief process began prior to the split.

“Because I grieved this relationship for so long while I was in it, I feel like it didn’t take me that long to kind of get back on my feet when I actually ended it. It’s been over a month now, and I just kind of started talking to boys again, which is really weird and funny,” she explained.

Since the breakup, Sam has been spending a lot of time with friends, prioritizing her relationships with other women and hoping that going out with her friends will eventually lead her to a new man.

“Every guy I’ve ever dated, I was able to work up to it and warm up to it in person,” she said. “You get a temperature read before you start actually dating … That part of the relationship is really important to me … You don’t get the full picture of somebody’s personality until you meet them.”

Meanwhile, on the January 16 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat, via Instagram, Sam opened up about a hurtful moment seen on Winter House.

“[Kory] went into his confessionals, and he was like, ‘No guy wants to be in a relationship. Every guy’s gonna let it ride until like, she forces it, but like I don’t wanna lose her, so I guess I’ll be in a relationship with her. Gotta sh*t or get off the pot.’ And I was like, ‘You left my bed, said that about me, and then came back to my bed,’” she recalled. “I would never say that about someone I really cared about.”

“‘I guess we’re f*cking sh*tting?’ That’s how you’re gonna talk about me?” she added.



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