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Shannon Beador on How “Big Argument” With John Led to DUI

Shannon Beador is seen speaking to her three daughters about her DUI and hit-and-run arrest in a sneak peek at the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Amid a discussion about 19-year-old Stella Beador‘s studies abroad with Stella’s twin Adeline Beador, 19, and her older daughter, Sophia Beador, 22, Shannon, 60, was asked by Stella if she was sad that she’d be leaving the following day to head back to school, which prompted her to become emotional.

“Are you sad that I’m leaving tomorrow? Why are you crying?” Stella asked.

“I took Sophie to college, I took Adeline to college, and your dad [David Beador] took [Stella], so it was my intent to come and visit you, and because of my mistakes, I wasn’t able to come and I feel bad,” Shannon explained, through tears, in a sneak peek at the upcoming episode shared by Bravo.

“I’m so sorry and humiliated that I disappointed you. Like, what kind of example am I at 59?” Shannon continued.

“We’re glad that you’re okay and that no one was hurt,” Stella replied.

In September 2023, Shannon was arrested after running into a property in Newport Beach, California with her dog, Archie, in the car and trying to flee the scene.

Sophia also added that she was happy to see that her mom had taken “accountability for [her] actions” and was learning and growing from them.

Meanwhile, in a cast confessional, Shannon looked back at the moments leading up to her DUI, which included a visit to ex-boyfriend John Janssen‘s house.

“On the night of the DUI, I drove to John’s house, stupidly. We got into a big argument and he said, ‘You’re a drunken idiot. Don’t get in your car.’ But I got in an accident seconds later because I revved up the engine so he could know how mad I was, and I lost control of the car, immediately,” she revealed.

Back in the scene with her daughters, Shannon told the girls, “I’ve never broken a bone, I’ve never had a concussion, I’ve never been in an accident, I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never had a DUI, and I did all that in 10 seconds.”

“It sucks, but this happened for a reason,” Sophia insisted.

“Oh no. God has a plan. I absolutely believe that,” Shannon responded.

Sophia went on to say that it seemed like her mom was taking the initiative to figure out why things have happened in her life and why she’s kept certain people around when she shouldn’t.

“Yeah, [I’m] kind of seeing who my true friends are,” Shannon agreed.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18 premieres on Thursday, July 11, at 9 /8c on Bravo.



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