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Starfield Player Scans All 1,695 Planets

Released last month, Starfield is the biggest game Bethesda Softworks ever made, featuring 120 star systems and almost 1,700 planets. While it was only a matter of time before someone explored them all, one ambitious Starfield player had already scanned all 1,695 worlds.

Starfield player fully explores the game’s galaxy

Reddit user Doom Zero recently completed a 180-hour expedition to survey every planet in Bethesda’s Starfield. Unfortunately, they could not fully survey all of them due to bugs. Specifically, Masada 3, Beta Marae 1, and Charybdis 2 all have Fauna that failed to spawn. However, the game only says that Doom Zero surveyed every planet except one, so it’s unclear which of those three is the problem. Still, Doom Zero would most likely have found everything if a bug had not made it impossible.

The intrepid explorer also had a few pieces of advice for anyone looking to follow in their footsteps. The Starfield skills of Astrophysics, Zoology, Scanning, Botany, and Surveying all significantly reduce the time it takes to survey planets. Boost Pack Training will help Starfield players explore planet surfaces more quickly, while Fitness is a must-have for its improved oxygen use.

The Starfield player also had specific advice for discovering the game’s often elusive Ocean Fauna. Players can’t land in the ocean, but clicking on it from orbit will still show how much of the biome the player surveyed. If it says 0%, it means there are Fauna there. Players can then land on the nearest coast and swim out to look for them. Meanwhile, players can find two sea creatures on Volii Alpha just by jetpacking down to the water from Neon’s landing pad.



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