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Stargate Universe Season 3 Updates: Will It Happen?

The show ended on a major cliffhanger so it there still a chance Stargate Universe season 3 could happen? The Stargate franchise kicked off with the 1994 film, which starred James Spader and Kurt Russell. The plot involved the discovery of an ancient gateway that opens a wormhole to a distant planet. The movie was a surprise hit for director Roland Emmerich, who would follow up with blockbusters like Independence Day and 1998’s Godzilla. While there was a plan for a trilogy of films with both Spader and Russell returning, this didn’t come to pass.

Instead, the franchise headed to television with Stargate SG-1, which debuted in 1997. The show picked up from the story of the film, with Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) taking over Kurt Russell’s role. The series would end up greatly expanding the mythology and introduced new characters and alien races. The series ran for ten seasons and led to numerous spinoffs, including Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Origins. Stargate Universe is another series that arrived in 2009 and starred Ming-Na Wen and Robert Carlyle.

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It was pitched as a darker take on the franchise but sadly it only lasted two seasons. The series also ended on a big cliffhanger so is there any hope for a Stargate Universe season 3?

Stargate Universe Was Cancelled In 2011

While fans of the franchise took to Stargate Universe’s edgier tone it struggled in the ratings. A steady decline in viewers during the first season led to a change of timeslot in season 2. which only saw the ratings drop further. SYFY announced they wouldn’t be picking the show up for a third season and it came to an end in 2011.


Stargate Universe also ended on a cliffhanger, with the crew’s damaged ship needing to jump to a new universe. The team goes into stasis for the long journey, except for Eli, who has to stay awake since his pod is broken. He has two weeks to fix it before the life support systems shut down, and the finale ends with Eli staring out into space, his future uncertain.

A Fan Launched A Kickstarter For Stargate Universe Season 3

In 2014 a fan took to Kickstarter to try and secure funding for Stargate Universe season 3. This campaign didn’t have the backing of anybody involved with the franchise and it hoped to raise over $ 27 million to finance the third season. Needless to say, this campaign fell far short of that goal and even in the unlikely event it raised the money, there was no guarantee another season would have happened.


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The Stargate Universe Cliffhanger Was Resolved In A Comic

stargate universe destiny

In 2017 a comic titled Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny arrived, which picked up from the show’s cliffhanger. It opened with Colonel Young, played by Louis Ferreira (The Man In The High Castle), being awakened from his pod by Eli and a group of unknown characters. In a flashback, Eli’s various failed attempts to fix his pod are shown, but he managed to buy himself a further ten weeks of life support.

Eli then discovers there are more pods hidden on the Destiny, which is how he discovers these surprise new characters. The rest of the Stargate Universe comic plays out this mystery. The canon of this comic is debatable since none of the original creative team was involved, but with little to no chance of a third season, this is probably the only resolution fans will receive.


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