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Stars React To Raphael Warnock’s Senate Win In Georgia – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: John Arthur Brown/Zuma / SplashNews

Rev. Raphael Warnock will remain the senator for Georgia, after defeating his opponent, NFL Player Herschel Walker, in a run-off election on Tuesday, December 6. Tons of celebrities, ranging from President Barack Obama to Cher, were overjoyed that the senator would keep his seat and make sure Democrats retain control of the Senate.

During a victory speech, Warnock thanked voters for choosing him to represent them, and spoke about the power of prayer and voting.  “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and to God be the glory for the great things that God has done,” he said in the video posted on social media. “I often say that a vote is a kind of prayer for the world we desire for ourselves and our children. Voting is faith put into action, and Georgia you have been praying with your lips and your legs, with your hands and your feet, your heads and your hearts. You have put in the hard work, and here we are standing together.”

With Warnock’s victory, Democrats now have 51 seats in the Senate, widening their majority over Republicans. Many stars felt that Warnock’s victory was not just a win for Georgia but for Democrats across the country and celebrated on social media.

Obama campaigns for Warnock at an event in late November. (John Arthur Brown/Zuma / SplashNews)

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama was one of the major politicians, campaigning for Warnock. He gave a number of speeches at the senator’s rallies and got Georgians excited to vote for him. Naturally, he congratulated Warnock for his win. “Once again, Georgians have proven that when it comes time to vote, they’ll show up and vote for a leader who will fight for them,” he tweeted.

Nancy Pelosi

Naturally, many of the people congratulating Warnock were fellow politicians, including former Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi. “Your values, vision, and service to uplift working families and defend our Democracy are invaluable to Georgia, to the Congress, and to all Americans,” she wrote in a tweet.

Jon Ossoff

Of course, Warnock’s fellow Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, who’s also a Democrat, shared his excitement that Warnock would continue to serve the Peach State beside him. He shared a series of photos of Warnock in a thread, concluding with a shot of the two of them smiling. “Warnock wins!” he wrote.

John Fetterman

Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman also shared that he was looking forward to working with Warnock on Twitter. “Congratulations to Senator Warnock on winning re-election tonite + strengthening our Democratic majority. I look forward to working with you in the U.S. Senate,” he wrote.


It wasn’t just politicians rejoicing for Warnock. Tons of celebrities cheered for the senator on social media, including popstar Cher. “We are blessed. Raphael Warnock has won. Senator Warnock’s win is a true miracle. His win is not only a blessing for America, but for Democracy as well,” she wrote.

Kerry Washington

Scandal star Kerry Washington was very happy to see Warnock win. She tweeted to remind people how much power voting has. “Congratulations Reverend Warnock and Congrats to the people of Georgia. You did it! You voted your values and when we show up, we win!” she wrote.

Wanda Sykes

While there was a lot of celebrating, there were also some jokes at Herschel Walker’s expense. Comedian Wanda Sykes had a hilarious tweet joking about the NFL star’s reaction. “I bet they asked Herschel Walker if he was ready to make his concession speech, and he said, Yes, two hot dogs please,’” she quipped.

Billy Baldwin

While many reactions were celebratory, actor Billy Baldwin did take to Twitter to point out that while Warnock’s victory was certainly a cause for celebration, it was still disheartening that it was such a narrow win. “Great that Warnock won. Sad and scary that it was so close against such an abusive, incompetent, unqualified, intellectually unfit, dead beat like Herschel Walker,” he wrote.



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