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“Taxi Driver Season 2” and “Jinny’s Kitchen” Continue to Interest Viewers

The SBS drama Taxi Driver Season 2 achieved a nationwide viewership of 13.0% for its 7th episode on March 17. Though it observed a slight decline compared to its previous episode’s rating of 14.4%, the K-drama remains the most-watched series on Friday. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will also continue to interest both domestic and international viewers. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Taxi Driver Season 2?

Episode 8 of Taxi Driver Season 2 will air on March 18 (Saturday). Tune in for the action drama on VikiKocowaWavve, and ViuTv

The Korean variety show Jinny’s Kitchen, starring Kim Tae Hyung (a.k.a V), Park Seo JoonChoi Woo ShikLee Seo Jin, and Jung Yu Mi, also maintained a steady viewership of 8.57% (nationwide) and 9.85% (Seoul). 

The show observed a slight improvement since its previous episode’s rating of 8.39%. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will break the streak of single-digit ratings of the show and reach double-digit viewership. 

Episode  Original broadcast date Nationwide Seoul
1 February 24, 2023 9.347%  11.12%
2 March 3, 2023 9.347% 11.12%
3 March 10, 2023 8.39% 9.39%
4 March 17, 2023 8.578% 9.852%

When and where to watch Jinny’s Kitchen? 

Episode 5 of Jinny’s Kitchen will air on March 24. Stream it on Prime Video



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