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“The First Responders Season 2” Intense 3rd Teaser Released

Scheduled to premiere on August 4th, The First Responders Season 2 presents a drama depicting an unprecedented collaboration between firefighters extinguishing fires, police officers solving crimes, and the National Forensic Service securing evidence against extraordinary and unprecedented cases.

On the 21st, The First Responders Season 2 unveiled their 3rd teaser, revealing the strongest villain ‘Dex’ and the ‘Life-or-Death End Game’ that awaits firefighters, police, and the National Forensic Service, drawing tremendous attention.

Especially a spooky scene captures viewers’ attention, where Yang Chi Young (played by Jo Hee Bong), who was lying motionless in a bathtub filled with blood and ice, suddenly wakes up. Furthermore, mysterious figures observing everything behind Ma Tae Hwa (played by Lee Do Yup) as he undergoes torture and Jin Ho Gae (played by Kim Rae Won) being handed a key secretly heightened the suspense.

Additionally, the teaser introduced a formidable villain who will orchestrate “a suicide turned into arson and murder,” along with a mysterious individual linked to an “architect” mentioned by Ma Tae Hwa. The appearance of Jin Cheol Joong (played by Jo Seung Yun) in a VVIP-exclusive personal storage room with a suspicious action added to the enigmatic atmosphere. Moreover, Yeom Sang Gu (played by Seo Jae Kyu), who was imprisoned, conveyed a sense of crisis, saying, “Someone is coming from Miami. They call him Dex.”

The teaser also revealed scenes warning of the dangers of the mission, with a man gazing madly at blazing flames, a boss (played by Min Sung Wook) leading unknown men with sharp eyes, and a man (played by Choi Moo Sung) with an absent gaze next to legs hanging from a tree. Furthermore, it hinted at a fierce battle with a formidable villain through shots of a man (Jang Hyun Sung) slamming a desk and another man (Kwak Jin Seok) staring intensely at a corpse.

With rage in his eyes, Jin Ho Gae unsheathes a knife and rushes somewhere, and the voice of the final villain, voice-disguised, echoes, saying, “I’ve never been caught once following my plan.” Scenes of Jin Ho Gae being watched by the police, a house covered in blood, and a massive fire, along with Baek Cham (played by Seo Hyun Chul) shouting, “Ho Gae!” and Song Seol (played by Gong Seung Yeon) in shock, hinted at the life-and-death showdown between Jin Ho Gae and the ultimate villain.

Lastly, Jin Ho Gae, struggling to stand up, declared with determination, “Do you know why I became a police officer? To catch Dex, I’ve come this far.” The teaser also showcased a harmonious collaboration centered around Jin Ho Gae, featuring the furious Science Investigation Team Leader Woo Sam Sun (played by Baek Eun Hye), Jin Ho Gae going about his business, and Gong Myung Pil (played by Kang Gi Doong) rushing, exclaiming, “Detective Jin!” The teaser brought excitement to its peak, promising a perfect invincible synergy of firefighters, police, and the National Forensic Service in a ‘Triangle Collaboration.’

The production team stated, “‘3rd teaser has a much larger scale and luxury special appearances than Season 1, heightening the immersion. Through The First Responders Season 2, which presents the most passionate cooperation from heroes of the Police-Fire-NFS, who confront unpredictable crimes threatening citizens, we hope you check it out on the first broadcast on August 4th (Friday) at 10 PM.”

Meanwhile, SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama The First Responders Season 2 will follow Revenant and premiere on August 4th at 10 PM KST.




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