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The HE-MEN Unite To Become The Masters of The Multiverse

Prepare yourselves, He-Man fans, for a brand new adventure starring Eternia’s greatest champion in the newly announced He-Man and The Masters of The Multiverse. The six-issue limited series debuting this November from writer Tim Seeley, artists Dan Fraga and Richard Friend, and cover artist Inhyuk Lee. Together, they’ll be telling an epic last stand of great heroes protecting their kingdoms against an impossible threat. A threat so terrible, He-Man will be forced to forge an alliance with his greatest nemesis: Skeletor.

The scourge of Anti-Eternia is unleashed on the Multiverse bent on utter destruction. Each version of Eternia has fallen in the wake of his devastation as he steals its power and grows stronger. Now it’s up to a rag-tag team of surviving He-Men from across the multiverse to stem the tide, but to do so they’ll have to recruit the one man in existence that might help them win: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor!


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“The Masters of the Universe franchise continues with the all-new comic book series, He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse,” said Rob David, VP of Mattel. “With multiple He-Mans working together from different dimensions to save the multiverse, this series created in partnership with the expert writers and illustrators from DC Comics will be sure to delight new and old fans alike, while adding an entirely new dimension to the Power of Grayskull.”

Fans can take a look at the first reality-fracturing cover art for He-Man and The Masters of The Multiverse by artist Inhyuk Lee below:


He-Man Masters Multiverse Comic

“DC has had a long-standing and exciting partnership with Mattel in bringing the adventures of He-Man to comics and our fans,” said Hank Kanalz, SVP, Publishing Strategy and Support Services. “DC also knows what it means to showcase characters from across its own multiverse; I’m looking forward to seeing the different iterations of He-Man and other Masters of the Universe characters in this series.”

Will this squad of He-Men be able to do what He-Man alone can not? Or will it be Skeletor a.k.a. Prince Keldor who tips the scales? We’ll find out when the series begins in November, so until then, read below for the full solicitation details and plot synopsis:


  • Written by TIM SEELEY
  • Cover by INHYUK LEE
  • Variant Cover by DAN FRAGA
  • The scourge of Anti-Eternia is unleashed on the Multiverse! Blazing a trail across the dimensions, he’s devastating each version of Eternia and stealing its power. Now it’s up to a ragtag team of surviving He-Men to recruit the one man in existence who might save them: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor! This all-new miniseries features the most iconic eras and beloved takes on the Masters of the Universe!

He-Man and The Masters of The Multiverse #1 will arrive at your local comic book ship November 20th, 2019.


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