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The Masked Singer Theory: Who Is The Peacock?

Who is The Peacock on The Masked Singer? This vibrant performer on the Fox reality show has connected himself to a specific time in American pop culture. Based on the clues, The Peacock is Donny Osmond, who rose to fame during the ‘70s as an American teen idol.

On The Masked Singer, celebrities perform for an audience and four judges: Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. At the end of each episode, the audience votes for their favorite masked singer, and the loser must reveal their identity. Each week, the celebrity performers reveal small clues through brief video clips.


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Left in The Masked Singer ahead of the finale are The Monster, The Bee and The Peacock. And, thanks to the revelations so far, there are some clear connections between the latter and Donny Osmond. Here’s what we know about The Masked Singer’s multi-colored performer and a career celebrity who’s been known to wear many hats on stage.

Why The Peacock Is Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

For The Peacock’s identity, a telling clue is that he’s a former child star and Las Vegas performer. He also says, “It’s probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her wall.” The Peacock names Michael Jackson as a “close friend,” which suggest that they became celebrities at the same time. Donny Osmond has been open about his close friendship with Jackson, which is significant because the late “King of Pop” had a small circle of close celebrity friends. In the early ’70s, Donny Osmond transformed into a pop culture icon after leaving a musical group with his brothers, The Osmonds. At the same time, The Jackson 5 were releasing their most iconic hits.


For the past 10 years, Donny Osmond has performed with his sister Marie Osmond in Las Vegas. Together, they were the stars of a self-titled variety series in the ’70s, which connects Donny to The Peacock’s statement that “I have never been mauled by a tiger, but I have been part of a magic act.” The Peacock and Donny Osmond also have the same height (5’9,”), which immediately eliminates other former teen idols who were good friends of Michael Jackson and also connected to both Las Vegas and magic.

The Masked Singer’s eighth episode includes the most blatant clue, as The Peacock emphasizes the phrase “soldiers of affection” and the word “idol.” In 1989, Osmond released his comeback song “Soldier of Love,” which essentially marked the adult phase of his career after being a teen idol. In addition, The Peacock’s multi-colored look bears a striking resemblance to Donny Osmond’s costume in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a 1999 adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical. It all adds up: former teen idol, a Michael Jackson pal, a Las Vegas performer, a magic/variety show, and all the blatant references to Osmond’s entertainment career. All will be revealed in The Masked Singer finale on Wednesday, February 27.


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