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The upcoming Channel A K-drama “Queen of the Mask” confirms its main leads

The upcoming K-drama “Queen of the Mask” will be led by Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoon Ah, Shin Eun Jung, and Yoo Sun.

On January 5th, it was officially announced that Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoon Ah Shin Eun Jung, and Yoo Sun will be the four friends that will make up the story of the upcoming K-drama “Queen of the Mask.” 

“Queen of the Mask” will be about four friends. The three friends became successful while their other friend became a murderer due to their lies from 10 years ago. The series will showcase the war of jealousy and desire between the four women. 

The upcoming series will premiere in the first half of 2023. The K-drama will exclusively air on Channel A. It will have a total of 16 episodes.

Kim Sun Ah will portray the role of Do Jae Yi. She is a popular human rights lawyer who helps and defends the weak. She is an ambitious person who got a deal to be the successor to the mayor of Tongju by dealing with dirty things

Oh Yoon Ah will bring life to the character of Ko Yoo Na. She is the person who was accused of a murder case 10 years ago. Because of this, her life became miserable. She left and went to the United States after getting involved in the murder case. She decided to return to Korea to find her daughter and will also use her friends who abandoned her 10 years ago.

Shin Eun Jung will play the role of Yoo Ju Jung, the chairman of the Youngwoon Arts Foundation. 

Lastly, Yoo Sun was given the role of Yoon Hae Mi, the vice president of the Mariana Hotel.


Are you excited to see the war between the four women in the upcoming K-drama “Queen of the Mask”?



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