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Watch Golden Bomber's 'Tokusatsu'-themed 'Gagagagagagaga' Video

J-pop "air" band Golden Bomber released the digital version of its latest single humorously titled "Gagagagagagaga" and shared the accompanying music video Friday (Jan. 18).

The track was written as the theme song for the NHK drama series called Tokusatsu Gagaga, about a nerdy office worker who loves so-called tokusatsu (special effects) hero shows generally geared towards children, and the way she faces and overcomes social stigma associated with grown-up women who are into such hobbies.

"Gagagagagagaga" is Golden Bomber's first drama-specific song, and the lyrics depict the conflicted feelings of someone who knows they like something they shouldn't, but longs for others to accept it's something harmless that they genuinely adore. "Hey, don't take it from me, don't be angry, I'm not skipping work," sings frontman Sho Kiryuin. "Can I say I love it?"

The melody is reminiscent of vintage tokusatsu theme songs, and the music video shows the members comically portraying a shabby original team called Kuuki Enso Sentai (Air-performance Squad) Golden Bomb-ger and its foe. The bungling team gradually gets its act together over the course of the video to impress a girl who regularly comes to the shows, and really comes to her rescue when it counts.

Golden Bomber's "Gagagagagagaga" will be released on CD Feb. 20. 

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