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What to Expect from Dirty John Season 2

Dirty John season 2 is on the way, but what can fans expect from the second season of true crime series? Based on the popular 2017 podcast of the same name, Dirty John explores the life and times of con artist John Meehan.

Australian actor Eric Bana plays the title character in Dirty John season 1, and Connie Britton co-stars as Debra Newell, a woman looking for love in all the wrong places. Both Juno Temple and Julia Garner portray the Newell daughters. Dirty John premiered in November 2018 on both Bravo and Netflix, and its eight-episode first season concluded last January.

For her Dirty John season 1 performance, Britton received a 2019 Golden Globe Awards nomination for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film. Based on the positive reactions to Dirty John season 1, the series has shown long-term potential, which is why Dirty John season 2 is happening.

Dirty John Season 2 Renewal

Dirty John

Fans of Dirty John can expect even more deception and drama in Dirty John season 2, as Bravo originally ordered Dirty John season 2 along with the first season. So, creator Alexandra Cunningham and the production team knew all along that they could tease certain plot points. While Dirty John season 1 viewership declined mid-season, there was a significant increase for the final episodes “On Shoe,” “Chivalry,” and “This Young Woman Fought Like Hell.” Jeffrey Reiner directed the entirety of Dirty John season 1, and the bookend episodes were written solely by Cunningham. As viewers know, Dirty John season 1 ended with a firm resolution, as one of the major characters was killed off.


Dirty John Season 2 Release Date

Dirty John

As of now, Dirty John season 2 doesn’t have an official release date. However, it’s likely that Bravo will follow the same production schedule and release Dirty John season 2 this November. Because of the first season storyline, though, the cast wasn’t able to continuously shoot the subsequent episodes, as the narrative premise will change and feature an entirely different lineup of characters. In other words, Dirty John season 2 is the next installment in an anthology series.

Dirty John Season 2 Story

Dirty John

Spoiler Alert: Dirty John is killed off in the Dirty John season 1 finale. So, Bana won’t be returning for Dirty John season 2, and his co-stars most likely won’t be returning either. That’s because Dirty John season 2 will feature an all new storyline with different characters. It’s unclear if Dirty John season 2 will somehow be connected to season 1’s subplots, but we know this:  Season two will be a different and self-contained story,” according to a Deadline report that was published when the series was first ordered.


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